Izelle, Martijn & Nova Skye

Op oktober 7, 2020,

Home birth of Nova Skye ­čŽő

After 2 hospital births, we really wanted a calm quiet homebirth. With Covid19 being a concern too we decided this is it. We contacted our midwives, Verloskundigenpraktijk Walchers Wonder and Hilda, who we have a lot of respect and admiration for, told us they have a birthing pool and we could have our homebirth (as long as all goes according to plan with no special circumstances) I told her i really wanted to do Hypnobirthing, and she recommended a wonderful lady called Eva, from Bliss HypnoBirthing in Breda. The course was amazing. It is something i would honestly say any parent should do. Even if you have hospital birth, c-section, no matter what, it is also a way for both mommy and daddy to be actively involved in the pregnancy and birth. It gives dads and their new baby a bond with their baby that is just beautiful to see. Ok long story short, at 41 weeks and 5 days i got really worried, i did not want a hospital birth. We did so much preparation, and even knowing it wasnt 100 % guaranteed that we could do a homebirth, i really wanted it. Sparing all the details, we set up the pool around midnight. Aidan Smeda was with us in the house at that time and he was my doula/all round helper and also a certified midwife. Aidan and Martijn set everything up. Music, candles lavender scent. Called midwifes. Hilda was an amazing support, just knowing she was there if anything goes side ways. But me and Martijn did it all on our own. At 9cm Hilda broke my water. We were in the water for almost 4 hours. The water stayed at perfect temperature and receiving my baby in the water. Seeing her eyes open under the water, being calm throughout it all was just indescribable!!! Hilda assisted with Novas shoulders, and she got to reveal that we had a baby girl. The kids was brought to us by Suzanne Vriezekolk at 4 am (they were at grandparents) and (my other two children) Mila cut the cord and Seffie the clamp.

It was surely a wonderfull teamwork to bring our little Nova Skye into this world. Something we will never forget. And Jody Deijnen Photography was there to capture every special moment. She was so proffesional i didnÔÇÖt even know she was there. Memories we can now keep forever!